Almond pancakes with cinnamon honey


I love it when it turns out that there are things I can cook and eat that are entirely about indulgence and don’t feel even the slightest bit ‘making-do’-ish, which is how one feel so much of the time when you are on a special needs diet (especially if you go out! There’s nothing like taking away the sauce and the sides of potato or rice to render most dishes duller than ditchwater).

These pancakes are a bit of a faff, but only in that you are stove-bound for a while as you meticulously turn out pancake after pancake. But if you have a lazy Sunday morning on your hands, and the desire/greed is strong enough, I can’t tell you how worth it it is. The best thing is that civilians enjoy eating them even more than I do because they have every appearance of ‘normal’ pancakes but the nut flour and honey mean that they are about ten times as delicious – and rich. So they really deliver.

You can serve this with very crispy streaky bacon, which elevates the whole experience to decadent. But I’m trying to avoid red meat at the moment and have discovered that although the bacon massively adds to things, you don’t actually notice its absence because you are too busy having a love-in with every bite of pancake, dipped liberally in cinnamony honey.

Almond pancakes


Cup and a quarter of nut flour (I use almond; you can do half almond and half hazelnut, especially if you are grinding your own nuts).

4 eggs

2 tablespoons honey

½ teaspoon baking powder

Teaspoon vanilla essence

Put the ground nuts and baking powder into a bowl and make a well for the eggs, which you then crack in. Add the vanilla and whisk up before adding in the honey and mixing some more.

Melt some butter in a frying pan (you want it hot but not so hot that it burns) and use a spoon to drop batter into the pan, creating small rounds about the width of a bagel, or a bit bigger. Cook for about a minute or until you can nudge it as one entity across the pan, then flip. When both sides are cooked, put on a plate in a gently warmed oven and slowly build your stack. Then serve and talk about nothing other than how much you are enjoying every mouthful until you have eaten so many, you feel faintly queasy. Now, let that be a lesson to you!

Cinnamon honey

Half a cup honey, 1/8 teaspoon vanilla essence, a good shake of cinnamon powder (the latter two depending on how much you like vanilla and cinnamon).

Heat gently in a pan then put in to a bowl to drizzle freely onto pancakes as desired.

6 thoughts on “Almond pancakes with cinnamon honey

  1. I tried making these and while they tasted pretty good the mixture was pretty gloopy – like when you’re creaming together eggs and flour to make cookies or something and they didn’t look great, either. Is it supposed to look like a batter, as with ordinary pancakes? Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? p.s. sauce was lovely

    1. Hi Janet, I’m wondering whether your eggs might have been on the small side? This batter is definitely supposed to be thicker than ordinary pancake batter – think American pancakes rather than crepes – but it should still pour, albeit slowly, from a large spoon into the pan. If you think it is too thick, you could try whisking up another egg and adding it in to the mix…

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